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Loft Conversions: Interior Design Ideas for Home Offices

Today we’re going to take a look at loft conversion interior design ideas for home offices and hobby rooms. Home offices and hobby rooms are amongst the most popular uses for loft conversions. For many years people who a passion for trains have been relegated to the loft to pursue their hobby. However, the days of climbing loft ladders and boarding out loft floors to lay-out train tracks has been superseded by professional loft conversions to make ‘real rooms’ out of empty loft space.

Lofts and attic conversions come in all shapes and sizes depending on the available headroom, however, there is one aspect which is used in all professional loft conversions and that’s the addition of a window. As we saw in yesterday’s post there are two basic choices available, one is a dormer style window and the other is to have a skylight window installed into the roof. Skylight windows have been used in lofts and attics for many years and continue to increase in popularity as more people make the decision to move up rather than move out.

In a home office or hobby room having a source of natural light is essential, more especially if you are going to be using the room on a daily basis. Skylight windows are available in a variety of sizes, but they all have the same rectangular shape so that they can be fitted without too much alteration to the roof itself or take up any valuable floor space.

Use light colours for walls to lighten the room, opt for paints with a sheen to help bounce light around the room. Flooring is a matter of personal choice with wooden or laminate flooring being a popular choice. Again keep the colour of the flooring light to help give an airy and more spacious feel to the room.

Skylight blinds are the the only real choice of skylight window dressing. Fakro blinds are available as a roller blind which fit neatly inside the frame of the skylight to give a clean, sleek look to skylights, they have blackout properties to help reduce heat build-up and keep the loft light free.
If you prefer Venetian blinds so that you can adjust the amount of light entering the room Velux blinds are the ideal choice.

Positioning your desk or work station directly below the skylight will give you plenty of natural light even on dull and overcast days, however, if your skylight is south facing it may be wise to choose another area for your work station as bright and glaring sunlight and heat may pose a problem.

Think about the layout of the room in the same way as any other room in your home and use a common sense approach when it comes to choosing furniture, furnishings and colour schemes to enable you to use the room at any time of the year, day and night.

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