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Bewitching & Beguiling Bedroom Ideas: Beautiful Black

In stark contrast to yesterday’s post today we take a look at beautiful black bedrooms. Dark, mysterious and totally beguiling high gloss and black lacquered surfaces have been admired and used in interior design for many, many years. You could easily say that the black lacquered cabinets and furniture found in Asia were the first to introduce glass black into people’s homes.

As such, an design styled on Asia can easily be used within your home to create a beautiful interior with these gorgeous cabinets being the focal point in a room. Black interiors can also be associated with masculinity, high backed black leather beds sit very nicely next to highly polished wooden table tops, especially if the wood is rich, dark mahogany.

Black Venetian style window blinds make an effective and versatile window dressing which can give a bedroom a slight masculine feel; similarly the addition of red hints, by way of flowers or lamp shades and full length black pencil pleat curtains indicate that a feminine touch has been introduced in an extremely subtle way. Other modern touches of animal prints add a refined touch, which in a way is reminiscent of Victorian homes where they showed visitors their animal hide trophies as a method of displaying their wealth and worldly travels. Of course today we have the choice of faux animal hides and skins to create a similar effect without harming any animals at all!

Although black is associated with magic, mourning and mystery it can also have more positive connotations – black coal is after all the basis of diamonds (carbon), ebony and onyx which are all highly polished and reflective surfaces and black is also associated with elegance and sophistication, not forgetting sexiness with black super king bedding and bed throws! Be careful if you decide to go ‘all black’ as it can be oppressive and make rooms feel much smaller than they are in reality. However, when you do get the look right you can transform your bedroom into a place where peace and tranquillity reign.

You do have to brave to use black as a main colour, but you don’t have to be ‘into’ witch-craft, death and depression; treat this colour with respect, add hints of white or clear crystal from which artificial light or natural light can bounce off of and it can provide you with a very unique bedroom.

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