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Bewitching & Beguiling Bedroom Ideas: Steely Greys

Metallics remain fashionably on-trend making them a great addition to a bedroom, from gold and copper to steely greys and silver any one of these metallic colours are ideal for coordinating with black and or white to create a sexy bedroom with more than a little chic styling.

Use a variety of textures for duvet cover sets and bed throws to prevent the room from being too bland. The softness of velvet, silk and satin are very sexy fabrics, team them with flocked wallpaper and patterned pencil pleat curtains to create a boudoir styled bedroom.

Use full length curtains or a single curtain if your window is small, and loop back and hold in place with a tie-backs or hooks to create a soft and gentle window dressing which coordinates with the style of the room.

Try not to make things too harsh, go for colours which tone and compliment each other naturally, anything too bright and garish will be harsh on the eyes and detract from the calming and restful charm of the room. Monochromatic black and white is a timeless classic which suits all styles of homes and is a main contender for being one of the easiest colour schemes to achieve.

Unless you have a large bedroom try and keep essential furniture as sleek as possible. Sliding doors on wardrobes are great space savers and rather than have a dressing table use a chest of draws which can be shared along with giving you a surface for a television. If space is really tight consider having a flat screen television wall mounted. Bedside tables are great to have but can be ousted and wall lights mounted either side of the bed to free-up space if needs be.

Keep floors plain yet stylish by adding a couple of cheap rugs either side of the bed. Faux sheepskin rugs will be a luxury for your feet as you step out of bed and in white will be in keeping with your colour scheme.

Use your headboard to bring another texture and dimension to the room. Although large statement headboards are in-vogue at the moment unless you have a large bedroom they can be too overpowering. Try and balance the size of your headboard with the size of your bed and the room. It can still make a statement but in a much subtler way, especially if it is in a contrasting colour to the wall and your bedding.

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