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Interior Design Inspired by a Cocktail of Colours 3: Irish Coffee

We may have had an Indian Summer but you know it won’t be long before a cold spell bites and what better way to stave off the cold than with an warming Irish coffee. This cocktail is traditionally served after a meal, however when it cold outside there’s nothing like a warming tipple!

Made from four basic ingredients of sugar, coffee, coffee liqueur and cream, the combination of these colours offer a stunning interior design colour scheme, with the dark brown coffee topped off with creamy colours you’ll have a winning colour scheme which will be naturally warming even on the coldest of days!

In brief:
Cream or white fitted carpets are still in vogue if you haven’t got children! Alternatively cheap rugs in neutral tones work well on wooden flooring. Place one of the rugs under the table to offer comfort for feet and prevent chairs from scratching or damaging your flooring as they are pulled in and out. Remember to choose the right size and although not an actual scientific calculation too large and it will look disproportionate whereas too small and it won’t serve its purpose effectively.

Cream tones will help to lighten a dining room and offer a more sophisticated look than white. As this colour scheme is all about Irish coffee look for coffee latte colours for three of the walls. You could then use a darker coffee colour on your focal wall.

Wooden blinds are ideal as they’ll bring a natural warmth and beauty to the room. Look for window blinds to match your flooring or dinging table. If you prefer an more informal look lightweight voile curtains hung from a narrow diameter wooden or metal curtain poles or curtain rails makes a great juxtaposition between the chunkiness of the table and the light airy look of cream, providing the Irish coffee colour scheme to be balanced and harmonious.

if you have a contemporary or modern dining room try and have a side-board to match. Maple and beech are smooth colours which compliment the colour scheme perfectly. A few carefully chosen and strategically placed objects of interest make a great conversation during dinner.

Lighting needs to be efficient and centred over the table to enable people to see what they’re eating. For more romantic occasions wall lights and candle combinations work well.

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