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Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends 2011 – Theatrical

Theatrical encompasses and embraces new design styles which reflect and marry with old craftsmanship showing that the two can sit side-by-side in our modern world. Aspects such as the natural ageing process of materials and fabrics shown that it’s okay for furnishings and furniture to grow old gracefully.

This style trend includes the use of layers patterns and combining them with over-sized, but plain features to create a sense of drama. Historical patterns and fabrics such as silk, satin and patterned Jacquards which were previously seen for full length curtains and on upholstery, as well as being used in for costumes in opera and theatrical performances are seeing a revival, not only for those who live in large houses but for everyday folk who can bring this rich and dynamic look into their homes. This is an elegant and sophisticated interior design style which is dramatised by the use of beading, open fret-work, sequins and embellishments bring the ‘wow’ factor into homes in a quiet and surreal way.

Ruffles and Lace:
Think back to the time in history were ruffles were the height of fashion. Use them on curtains and transform modern duvet cover sets with cream lace edgings or look for super king bedding in beautiful Jacquard patterns to coordinate with full length curtains. Sweep open your curtains from the centre and hold them in place with ruffled or beaded tie backs to create a theatrical look to your windows. Net curtains can grace your windows without looking old-fashioned or outdated.

To create a sense of fragility look for chins tea cups and saucers to display rather than use. Tiered cake stands with open fret-work and lace dollies are ideal for dining rooms. In the bedroom use bed cushions in a variety of fabrics and embellishments. To counteract this fragility over-sized lighting brings a whole new dimension and modern look to this more historical interior design style.

Classical tones of blue, cream and greys and being teamed and complimented with the use of white and deep metallic shades, along with muted tones of plum and pink. These colour combinations ooze chic style and luxury.

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