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Autumn/Winter 2011 Interior Design Colours 4: Charcoal Greys

This trendy colour has been used throughout this year as an effective way of toning down brights. However, although this has worked and looks stunning the best possible colour partner for charcoal is white. These classical colour combinations are ideal for decorating on a budget as they have stood the test of time by providing stunning interiors across the decades and in all styles of homes.

As winter approaches and the weather turns our landscapes into magical wonderlands of snow and ice this has inspired many of the top interior designers to use charcoal and white to create a juxtaposition between interiors and exteriors. These colour combinations also lean towards masculinity and ooze confidence, to add a more feminine look simply add subtle glitzy pieces which represent ice crystals, delicate snowflakes and white flowers.

Charcoal in the living room:
Offering a super stylish look charcoal grey and black are ideal for contemporary living rooms. So that room doesn’t look to bland add pear green curtains and patterned wallpaper and cushion covers. As contemporary design is all about sleek lines rather that use curtain poles to hang curtains opt for curtain tracks which are silent running and hidden behind the curtain header. To keep the sleek style make sure you have plenty of curtain hooks for tracks or curtain eyelets to provide the swish and fashionable sleek look, there’s no room for sagging or uneven distribution of pleats if you want to achieve this designer style look to your rooms.

Charcoal in the bedroom:
Plain charcoal super king bedding can be complimented with plain white sheets in bachelor pads, add a soft dusky pink as accents to give a feminine touch. As this colour is so sophisticated there’s no room for clutter, so make sure you allow for plenty of storage space and by sticking to plain flooring you’ll create a serene atmosphere which is easy on the eye and bang on-trend.

Charcoal in the dining room:
One of the best approaches when using charcoal in the dining room is to ensure that there is plenty of white and an abundance of light, otherwise the room can easily become dark and oppressive. Opt for modern designed crystal chandeliers to give an extra sparkle.

Charcoal in the kitchen:
Cool charcoal walls, pristine brushed chrome appliances, highly polished granite worktops with accent of white create a contemporary kitchen which is sleek and clean. Use metal Venetian blinds as the window dressing and finish the look by having a highly organised kitchen displaying all the latest kitchen gizmo’s and gadgets.

Slate is a great way to introduce elements of grey into your home. Use cut slate for dinner plates, and vases along with soft grey velour cushions in the living area and bedroom.

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