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Interior Design Themes 7: Modern Parisian

In this last post on interior design themes we’re going to take a look at Modern Parisian. This interior design style is a far cry from the typically bedroom styles associated with Parisian chic. There are no flamboyant frills and antiqued shabby chic furnishings and furniture, this new approach to contemporary interior design enables you to say ‘yes, I like Parisian chic’ but in a minimalistic and modern way.

Of course you can add as many or as few French touches as you to make the room individually yours! A simple, yet incredibly stylish bedroom with a wall motif of the famous Eiffel Tower may be all you need to remind you of Paris, romance and chic style.

In this modern bedroom plain is the key. No fussy duvet cover sets, just plain and stylish super king bedding in cream or white with a subtle toning stripe is all you need. Keep the bed as simple as possible, you don’t need huge piles of boudoir cushions, just a neatly made bed that makes an impact on the room.

To successfully achieve the look you mustn’t have anything laying around – everything has its place and that’s where it has to be placed. This style is not for you if you collect knick-knacks or aren’t very tidy!

Neutral colours of creams, greys, whites and natural mid to light wood provides a superb backdrop. Use full length curtains and hand them from concealed curtain tracking. Rather than blinds for privacy opt for the latest sheer full length voile curtains rather than net curtains. Remember this style is all about minimalism, with plain accessories being the order of the day.

However, don’t make the room too bland and boring. By adding a variety of different textures, for example, luxury cotton bedding, a shag pile rug, textured wallpaper and subtle display objects which are natural and provide another texture and structure to the room.

You don’t have to use creams, greys and whites, to get the look. Swap the grey for a gentle pink which is reminiscent of summer Parisian skies to add a touch of femininity to the room. Any contrast colour will work, just as long as it is soft and gentle on the eye. This interior design style speaks for itself without any fuss or gaudiness.

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