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Interior Design Themes – Tastefully Tuscan

Italy has been the height of design and fashion for thousands of years, leading way back to the Roman eras – and continues to do so to this day. As such it is no surprise that a lot of us are looking to Italian design to try and spice up our homes a little bit. One of the most well known and luxurious of these is the Tuscan style.

Tuscany itself is a region in the Northwest of the central area of Italy. It is a place of high culture and has a long standing heritage in art and design. With names like Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo all having been born or worked in the area, the region is known for their legacies.

This rich history has also played an important part in the look and feel of Tuscan homes. While obviously being heavily influenced by the rest of Italy, Tuscany itself has actually been more of role model for the rest of the country – and even the world. Due to this, a lot of Italian design principles are very similar to Tuscan ones, simply because they play off of them and borrow heavily from the style.

One of the core aspects of the style is warmth. Almost all Tuscan homes are warm and inviting places, and this is no coincidence. The colours they use play a very important role in creating this welcoming atmosphere, which inspires a feeling of home and family.

The key colours in the style are those of an earthy nature. Ochre and other warm browns are the main colours used, often being chosen as the colour for the walls. Terracotta is also incredibly popular, as a rich reddy brown, used in tiles for floors and kitchens.

Typically the colours used are very muted in tone. Rather than a rich red, terracotta, burgundy or sienna is used instead. This is what creates the homely feeling of Tuscan design, as they are more homely colours – rather than rich modern colours.

Imagine for a moment a beautiful painting of a Tuscany hillside vineyard, framed in bronze on a wall of deep ochre. With a floor of marble or tiles, with free-standing ceramic vases and long sofas to lounge on. Bedrooms which accent the soft muted tones with plain duvet cover sets, pencil pleat curtains or ready made blinds to keep the intensity of the sun out of the room, provide a simple, yet stunning, Tuscan look.

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