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Interior Design Themes – Amazing Americana

To continue on with our interior design themes, today we take a look at Amazing Americana. America is incredibly popular to a lot of people, be it patriotism for their own country or simply others being inspired by the culture. While America does not always get the best wrap publicly, millions of people around the world aspire to the way of life found there.

You always have a choice whether you want to totally stick to a theme precisely, or to simply draw inspiration from it. Drawing inspiration from your favourite ideas can lead to some styles that you have simply never thought of before, so do not be afraid to experiment and try new things. If you want to go full out on your American theme however there is ample opportunity to do so!

There are a number of cult icons found in Americana, what with it having such a broad scope to choose from. Whether it be the literary genius of Poe or the rocking sound of Elvis, so many great things have came out of America. There is also of course the things that transcend any one person, such as the concepts of Freedom and Patriotism. While of course neither of those things are unique to it, they are the core ideals of the country.

One of the greatest ways to begin your Americana theme is to simply start including American objects in to your room. This can be as subtle or as ‘in your face’ as you like! You could go for stop signs, a jukebox and the stars and stripes everywhere – or you could just go for looks reminiscent of traditional US styles.
The most obvious example would be creating a living or bedroom to the style of an American interior designer, yet still bringing in things like the US flag, eagles and the statue of liberty. This will allow you to more easily show off the style, without having to go overboard on the perhaps more ‘gimmicky’ objects – especially if you do not have any ties yourself to the country or want to go for a more subtle look.

Stars and stripes duvet cover sets or a red, white and blue theme is a good way to start. You could make your own cheap Roman blinds with any one, or a mixture of all three colours to coordinate with super king size bedding (remember many Americans do things on a large scale!)

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