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Interior Design Themes 2: Wild Western

Continuing on with our themed living rooms for this week, the next theme is probably one of the single most iconic. The Wild West is one of those times and places that has massive appeal and draw for a lot of people. While the appeal of the era is less popular than it was a few years ago, when films were being made about it constantly, there is still a lot of attraction to the time. For a full on Wild Western theme, the possibilities are endless.

One of the first things you have to decide on when you choose a theme, no matter what it is, is how fixed to the theme you are. For example with the wild west there are simply some things that would not of been present in the era. Things like televisions, computers, audio systems and so forth all break the character of the theme. It is up to you to make up your mind whether you want to exclude these things to stay true to the character, or to keep them.

Now just because you choose to keep them, which is often the case, that does not mean they have to break the immersion of your theme. You could do clever little things to either work them in to it, or simply hide them most of the time. One of the best examples of this is to hide your personal computer away in a traditional cabinet, which opens out to reveal it when needed.

In the bedroom bedding sets and duvet cover sets with a ranch design may be a little OTT, so opt for plain colours in browns, tans and use accessories to set the scene. Wooden blinds are a good touch and will go a long way to getting your theme and serving a very practical and functional use at windows. Area cow-hide rugs (faux!) will also help to ground the theme in bedrooms and lounges.

One of the best ways to get inspiration for more obscure themes, like Wild Western, is to find media that will give you that spark of insight you need. While a beach theme is rather easy to make up on the fly, capturing the feel of the old west can be much more difficult. If you are struggling for ideas then maybe try popping in a few DVD’s of westerns and get the creative juices flowing!

By doing so you will give yourself the opportunity to really get a feel for the character and charm of the time period. While not all movie sets are true to real life, they can at least give you some knowledge about what works and what does not. After all, sometimes what we think fits a theme, is often not actually that theme at all!

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