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Interior Design Themes 1: Totally Tropical

It can often be incredibly difficult to come up with a unique and interesting design for your home. After all, while there is nothing wrong with crème walls and beige carpets, sometimes you are just looking for something a bit more interesting! As such more and more of us are turning to themes for our homes. This month we will be looking at a range of themes inspired by different countries around the globe.

These can either be themes spread throughout the entire home, or focused purely to one room. From the Wild West to totally tropical, African to American, there’s a theme to suit you. Today we will be focusing on tropical themes, which many of us associate with tropical places such as Barbados. Yet in fact the tropics are much greater spanning than that – in fact they are the entire centre ‘belt’ of the Earth.

Everywhere from northern Australia to southern Mexico is considered tropical, as well as much of Africa, South America and Oceania. Due to this, the choices available to you when it comes to interior design is near limitless.

Of course you could go for a very tropical beach inspired theme, with clear sea blues, sandy yellows and incorporating tropical plants in to your living room. This can actually make for a very appealing and unique room indeed. Yet you may wish to go for something a little bolder and more unusual, perhaps by instead focusing on creating a traditional tropical inspired bedroom.

So, rather than focusing on the modern conception of tropical beaches, you could instead spend your attention on creating a room similar to those found in the homes of tropical people. Typical colours for such regions are very warm red and browns, which tie together seamlessly. Beddings sets coordinated with cheap Roman blinds would be ideal. Also remember that wood is also a very common factor when it comes to tropical life, as it is a very traditional building material for flooring, wooden blinds and furniture in these areas.

No matter what tropical ideas and inspiration you draw from, it is important to create a living room that lives up to your dream. Do not feel constrained to being too precise to what is traditional or common – instead be inspired by them and go on to create your own totally tropical living room.

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