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How to Create a Japanese Styled Interior

A Japanese styled interior is one of the most difficult types of décors to create. Although the lines and materials appear simple and uncomplicated, there is a complex learning process that is necessary to appreciate the symbolism that makes each room inspiring.

Zen is the overall presence that concludes a Japanese quality with open floor plans, neutral colours, natural materials and touches of Eastern civilization. Forget about the matching of textures and colours that come with most interior decorating projects. With the Japanese style, you will find no frills or bold colours.

Paint the walls an off-white, creamy beige or tones of brown and grey. For outlines, choose black, natural green or a deep chocolate brown. Floors should be lined with wood or bamboo. For wide areas, spread large tatami straw mats to add a natural texture under foot. A wide entryway to the outdoors will roll freely, connecting the two.
The perfect way to attach rooms is with screens commonly known as shoji. Shoji screens or fusuma screens are made of thin rice paper and bring a delicate separation of space without blocking of heavy concrete and other energy stopping materials. Lightning can be recessed for a clean stretch of light or an overhead light of Japanese symbolism. Religious, philosophical, theatre or natural based wood or stone will reflect the character of the style.

Wall art should be kept simple with maybe one or two pieces that add essence through nature. A lone flower, botanical paintings or a long thin Japanese saying artistically done on plain canvas are suitable for a bare wall. If you do not have a focal point such as a fireplace, wall-length exterior doors or a corner where a large sculpture or fountain is presented, use a wall to make a dominating affect. There are several great Japanese artists that can add just the right spirit of Zen to a Japanese style through a painting.

Furniture should never be made of plastic or other chemically based substances. Wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and metal are naturally occurring materials that stay with the aura of the space. Window dressing should be plain and natural such as wooden blinds or silk curtains which can be made by looking for curtain fabrics online. Alternatively cheap Roman blinds made from natural fabrics will also be in keeping, just as long as they are not fussy or to ostentatious. Low-lying pieces present a humble, peaceful atmosphere and can have graceful lengthy curves or straight designs.

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