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How to Create a Georgian Styled Interior

A Georgian styled interior begins with architectural detail of mouldings and ornate carvings. These properties can often be found in older homes that are classic of the Queen Anne era. If you are starting with a newer home that has no unique characteristics, a simple crown moulding along the ceiling edge can add a graceful start. There are also many different types of ceiling tiles that add flair of the Georgian era without much fuss. If you have a low-lying ceiling, ornate ceiling tiles are not recommended but high ceilings are perfect.

Carefully chosen colours of muted gold, turquoises, indigos or deep blues make a stunning backdrop of colour that promotes an elegant simple feel that can further be decorated with elaborate pencil pleat curtains and dark, ornate Georgian furniture pieces. Earlier Georgian period colours consisted of white, stone, olive or chocolate brown if you wish to keep the tone more subtle in nature.

The Georgian theme was borrowed from the Queen Anne style with touches of Greek and Roman art, French aristocratic style, Gothic revival and even oriental designs. When preparing for your design, don’t be afraid to incorporate any of these styles that are slightly representative of Georgian style. While clean straight lines are used in creating your room, the scrolls, swirls and ornate blends give the room essence and character.

Wainscot is popular with this era that makes walls intriguing when painted a different colour than the upper section of exposed wall. You can even have a beautiful landscape mural painted on one entire wall that makes a great focal point behind a couch or to show off your favourite ball and claw furniture. Winged armchairs, chaise-lounges and roll-top desks also look stunning beneath a mural dated from the King George time frame of the 18th century.

Curtains and drapes should be elaborate but not frilly. Toile, small floral or striped patterns help bring colour to the room and blend in nicely with period furniture. If you would rather keep windows open to the sunlight, festoon ready made blinds, cheap Roman blinds or upper swags with tails are ideal. Wall to wall carpeting used to be a must, but waxed wood with stencils or dreamy large area rugs work as well.

Select your furniture carefully because everything that has to do with the Georgian styled interior needs to match and flow. This does not mean than a striped side chair will clash with small flowers on curtains but don’t try to mix different types of stripes on other furniture. Plain subdued textures that have marked patterns of scrolls or leaves create a beautiful blend of different materials, another feature of this era.

Finally, add your accessories. Match pairs of candlesticks, pillows, picture frames or other small items. Large mirrors or scenic prints, and certainly art from the majors in gold frames will help stretch the simple and elegant style that is known as Georgian.

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