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How to Create an Eclectic Styled Interior

Eclectic sounds sort of like eccentric but is quite the opposite. Eclectic means diverse, broad, liberal or comprehensive and the end result in design is an ensemble of different furnishings that harmonise several different styles. If you like French Country, modern and traditional, eclectic style gives you the option to use them all. Any mixture of items can be used when harmonised with each other.

The first rule in creating an Eclectic styled interior is to stay with neutral colours for walls and large pieces of furniture. White, cream, grey, black brown, putty or taupe are great colours for creating a backdrop for contrasting colours in other pieces. Use similar hues for chairs, footstools and lounges but this doesn’t mean that you have to use totally matching fabrics. For example, if you have a favourite grey leather couch, a mismatched recliner and two small traditional upholstered chairs, recover the recliner in soft blue suede and the chairs in a dark blue print. As long as the colours blend and there is at least one matching design, the room will hold together. Look for curtain fabrics online to find the best colour matches.

Select a fabric that corresponds with the print on the small side chairs and the couch and recliner will sing with renewed colour. By no means does the print have to be matching, just a flowing hue and fabric that creates a dramatic strength that shows off the furnishings. Perhaps lined cotton/polyester pencil pleat curtains in a print of bold small diamonds or squares of greys and blues will have presence without pulling away from the furniture.

Silver is a perfect compliment to greys and blues and using in wall hangings and pictures will create a sophisticated atmosphere. Mirrors, wooden blinds , wrought iron or pewter are also good for bringing the room together without creating a focal point out of any one piece. Don’t be afraid to bring in a favourite table or chest of drawers that are antique. This is your room and a little flavour of old items just adds more character.

Have fun in creating your eclectic style. Start small and collect new pieces to expand your space with pieces that are interesting and pleasing. As long as the colour wheel is followed and you begin with a neutral base, the sky is the limit is creating your own eclectic style with all your favourite things.

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