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How to Create an English Country Style Interior

Have you ever wondered what brings such a marvellous feeling of light-heartedness and a serene picture of blooming gardens and rolling hills when entering some homes? There does not seen to be anything that you can put your finger on with colours and patterns running a little off kilter but all of the furnishings still seem to flow. Too many collectibles, lined bookcases and cabinets but are not unpleasant. Welcome to the elements that make a great English Country style interior!

In creating a feel for English Country, modern furnishings and objects have to go. Faded colours in pale blue, faded rose, pea green or even rusty reds are used as a background of the simpler old world of England. Chintz fabric upholstered couch, chairs and pencil pleat curtains add a flash of elegance that can be floral, gingham or plaid. Tassels, fringes and trim add sophistication but not overly so. Comfort reigns as you sink into a too soft seat that is inviting and restful.

If you feel that patterned wallpaper is a bit too busy for one room, use stencils around doors and along the tops of walls. Handmade items such as, cheap Roman blinds, embroidered pillows and colourful rugs add accent to the faded colour scheme. Art adds charm behind picture frames of silver or distressed gilt. Landscape scenes or botanical prints will remind you of a refreshing spring day. White or blue china pieces are welcome on shelves or displayed on stands. Of course vases of fresh flowers will always add a whiff of freshness to the air.

Deciding on wood furniture pieces is not as important as the feeling of age. If you happen to find a side table that is matching in colour but not style, go ahead and use. It will give the room character by being different. Share china, flowers or antiques on the surface so your piece fits in superbly. Wood, iron and stone are perfect additions on light fixtures, coffee table and side tables.

Look for curtain fabrics online to find gingham, calico, stripes, flowers and even toile and you can begin to create a scene in your mind when throwing them all together and deciding what flavour you are most attracted to. Antique shops, garage sales or going through your attic can give you more ideas as to why many people are turning to English Country as the perfect style for interiors.

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