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How to 1: How to Bringten a Dark Room

Using natural light from the outdoors is a great way to provide balance to any room but what if you have a remodelled basement or interior room that lacks windows? There are many alternatives to bring light into a dark room with the right decorating techniques.

Selecting warm earth colours for floors, walls and furnishings attract the light from artificial sources placed in the room. Ivory, brown, yellow, orange and green represent the spectrum of natural warmth of the earth. Hundreds of shades surround these basic colours to deliver a soothing, yet bright and airy feel to a dark space.
Lighting that appears to come from all corners of a room are referred to as ambient lighting. By producing soft light that covers the entire area of a room, the lack of natural light will be less noticeable. Recessed lighting that can be installed in ceiling joists can be sporadic or placed in straight lines with the ability to direct the bulbs in a precise direction. Track lighting also offers a wide scope of lighting to a large area. Placing a strip of lights above one wall can deliver enough warm light to cover three walls when used in conjunction with earth tones and placing at the proper angle.

Accent lighting can bring distinction to small areas that need to be highlighted. Bookcases, pictures or entertainment centres can become noticeable without appearing overbearing with a touch of extra lighting. Choose small-encased lights that can be tucked away but provide a natural stream of light pointing to the ceiling or the floor. Baseboards that are hard to distinguish can become noticeable with strips of LED lights that come in low light and colours to match your décor.

If your room has small windows, maximise light by choosing ready made blinds or wooden blinds which can be pulled to the top of the window during the day, enabling the little light there is tumble into the room.

Bringing the presence of overall lighting into the room can be a starting point before purchasing wall covering and flooring. Just remember that the light will be brighter once warm colours are added to the space. Choose a paint or wall covering that flows well with adjoining rooms and hallways. Consider adding a few shaded wall fixtures that highlight your décor. Use dimmer switches to control the amount of overall light that matches the mood of other rooms where outdoor light is present to continue a natural look and feel.

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