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Orange Interior Design Ideas & Tips

Orange is typically a very rarely used colour when it comes to interior design. Part of the reason for this is that it simply can be very garish and overwhelming when too bright. On the other hand, dark oranges can look washed out or even dirty – making a room look gloomy or lifeless. This makes it a real struggle to work orange in to your home, but worry not, for there are a whole host of orange interior design tips available to help you. It is not as challenging as you may first imagine, it just involves some clever thinking.

The first issue that needs to be addressed when using orange in your home is how to make it fit in. Bright tangerine walls are incredibly in your face and not really a good use of the shade at all – it will simply be far too overwhelming and off-putting to be effective. Instead you must try to find a balance whereby you neutralise the over powering effect – this is typically done by making use of whites, greys or blacks, particularly in the bedroom, where black bedding sets look stunning against white walls . Alternatively you could use orange bedroom curtains with black accessories for a modern teen’s room.

Orange and black is an incredibly powerful combination of colours that really create an elegant and sleek looking style. This can look incredibly ultra modern, drawing inspiration from even futuristic looking technology. Yet on the flip side of this they actually work very well together in a rustic looking kitchen too. This may sound surprising but by using glazed pumpkin tiles, and burnished black stove or oven you can really pull off a very traditional feel to the room. This is made even easier if you have wooden beams and burnt orange kitchen blinds which really help you to pull off this look.

Orange is actually a bit difficult to use in flooring. Orange based terracotta tiles do work, but typically you will want to keep the main colours of the room neutral, with the orange bursting out from them – not try and use the neutrals as an accent to it. Rugs are a great way to use orange on your floor however, as it still gives you that small concentrated burst of intensity without going overboard. The problem being however that rugs in kitchens are generally not a good idea due to the potential tripping hazard they create unless you have anti-slip backing, but feel free to use them in other orange based rooms!

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