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Neutral Interior Design Ideas & Tips

When it comes to interior design, most of us think of over the top showroom style homes found in magazines and adverts. While we may all dream of having a million dollar show home, the sad reality is that with the current state of the global economy, most of us are lucky to even be able to afford to redecorate. Still, no matter what your budget, there are a number of different ways to bring new life in to your home with some simple neutral interior design ideas and tips.

One of the common misconceptions when focusing on grey colour schemes is that they must be boring, dull, lifeless or generic. This could not be further from the truth! While it is true that you can make a more neutral scheme very lifeless, it is incredibly easy to make a gorgeous looking room focusing on neutrals. The key method to doing so is by taking advantage of the fact that they will allow you to get away with more ambitious colours used in combination with them.

One of the best ways of using these greys effectively is to incorporate these high intensity colours in small ‘bursts’. Bright oranges, reds, yellows, fuchsias…you name it, any vibrant shades will really make the room pop – and not look at all garish because the grey calms down the look.

A great way to make use of grey is in the bedroom. You can very easily contrast cool greys with warmer colours, or warm greys with cooler colours. A cool grey is one that is created by adding blue, green or violet, whereas a warm grey is created with yellow, red or orange – both in a very small amount. This means that if you have a cool grey room you should focus on bright yellows, oranges and reds – in contrast with the grey. The opposite is of course true for a warm grey.

By using these neutrals in your bedroom, you have a much greater variety of places to work the colours in to the room. Try to not only include a bright colour that ‘pops’ but also varying shades of grey. Your bed for example could actually be at least 4 different kinds entirely; with the bed itself being one shade, the pillows another, cheap bed linen another again and finally the bedding sets being an entirely different one again.

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