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Green Interior Design Ideas & Tips

Green is a colour often linked with nature. After all, it has always been seen as the colour of life and renewal. This causes it to be a fantastic way to bring life and energy into a room. Yet there are of course a great variety of shades and tones of green. This gives you great freedom in using green in varying ways. From lime green to almost turquoise blue-greens, such as teal curtains, cushions and throws, there is a shade to suit your tastes. To help you find the perfect uses for the colour, here are some green interior design ideas and tips.

One of the best ways to use green is in large areas. This allows it to give off a much greater impact than if you just use it in smaller areas. This is not to say that green makes for a bad accent colour, but it often struggles to work well alongside other colours. Due to this it is often the primary colour used, or used as an accent to more neutral tones. One of the main reasons for this is simply that green needs a lot of natural light to be effective.

If you are going to use secondary colours alongside green, you may which to use its complimentary colour, red. The problem here however is that red and green often look ‘tacky’ together, or give off too much of a Christmas vibe. The key to getting around this is to use more refined tones, such as deep reds like mahogany – this creates a refined look that does not appear overly festive.

Green does however make a good complementary colour to more neutral tones, as touched on previously. For example, using an avocado green rug on a wooden flooring is a great way to add colour without overpowering the effect of the wood. One of the most important aspects to any rug however is size – a rug too small will look silly and dwarfed by the rest of the room, yet an overly large rug can simply end up dominating and overpowering the rest of the décor.

Yet still one of the most accessible ways of using green is in curtains and blinds. This is because they will then be framed or let through natural light. It is this light that is essential for these shades to work, as they often get lost in duller less light filled areas. Colours such as spearmint and mint work incredibly well for curtains, and you can find these colours of curtain fabrics online very easily.

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