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Create Your own Summer Style – Something Exotic

As with most interior design ideas the term ‘exotic’ conjures up different looks for different people; maybe you associate exotic with far away places with panoramic views and vistas or maybe you think of pure luxury. For some it will grandiose homes in an Italian or French style, for others it may mean the latest contemporary interiors. For me it’s the unusual which springs to mind – not necessarily Bali Beaches!


Exotic colours are typically associated with gold, silver and those seen in precious stones, rubies, emerald and sapphires will all be suitable to use. Pure white is also associated with far away places, accented with oceanic blues and greens. Whatever colours you decide to use remember to use two or three at the most. Paler shades will make rooms look larger, whereas darker tones will add a touch of exotic mystery to bedrooms without being too sensual and suggestive!

However, if you’re going to create your own summer style why not think along the lines of cooling yourself down on hot sultry nights. Ice blue teamed with mid-brown may not seem exotic but if you add plenty of luxury textures the look can be really exotic and quite possibly mind-blowing! To get a taste of the exotic in the bedroom you’ll need a large bed, along with super king sized bedding in your chosen colours. Add silk, satin or faux fur bed throws and cushions to grab the attention and accentuate your super king size bed.

If you’re looking for warmth full length bedroom curtains are a must. Use curtain rails to hang them the width of the wall rather than the window itself to give the illusion of a panoramic size window. If you’re opting for a Bali beach theme soft lightweight voile panels which catch the breeze are a great choice of window dressing.

Go for luxury with exotic Indian rugs or designer rugs to give your room the ‘wow’ factor. Try and steer away from fitted carpets as they are ‘so out-dated’ if you have a contemporary interior. Polished marble, tiles or beautiful parquet flooring will bring an exotic look to your home.

Selective is the word which should be foremost on your mind when looking at accessories. Carefully placed objects of interest and art work will help to add an exotic look and feel to your home. Remember the ‘less is more’ rule to achieve the look.

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