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How to Create 7: How to Create a Shabby Chic Home

In this final part of this mini-series we’re going to give you some interior design ideas and suggestions on how to create a shabby chic interior design look in your own home. Please don’t be disillusioned by this interior design style, it takes careful consideration and an eye for detail to pull this style of successfully; It is not just a matter of throwing a mishmash of furniture, furnishings and accessories into a room and hoping for the best! You need to include key features and then you’ll be successful. This style evokes a feeling of old world charm and homeliness, with a touch of déjà vu!

1. Shabby Chic Colours and Patterns:

Although shabby chic is all about colours to achieve the look you will need to use muted and soft colour tones rather than brights and neons. The rule to follow is one of simplicity and understated elegance. Walls are typically plain, although floral wallpaper can also be used. However, just because the walls applying doesn’t mean that will be unadorned, you need to have more knick-knacks on the walls and paint!

2. Shabby Chic Windows Treatments:
Curtains are typically full-length and left extra long to pool onto the floor in a haphazard way. The combination of voile panels and curtains in contrasting colours and patterns are often seen. Kitchen blinds in floral patterns or gingham fabric

3. Shabby Chic Furnishings:
Distressed is the word associated with furniture and furnishings in a shabby chic home. If a table or sideboard has chipped paint then leave it alone! Rather than throwing away old furniture shabby chic interiors are full of recycled and reused items, however you need to draw the line between chic and items which really have seen better days. Although this style promotes recycling an upgrading it doesn’t mean that chairs with all the stuffing spilling out will do – because it won’t!

4. Shabby Chic Lighting:
Cheap table lamps which have been up-cycled with home-made lampshades or simply adorned with an old necklace are ideal. To create the homely cosy look associated with shabby chic there will be no harsh overhead lighting, instead subdued lighting which provides a warm glow to room is the ideal shabby chic style. Old chandeliers are all ideal for creating the right lighting effects in lounges and dining rooms.

5. Shabby Chic Accessories:
Any think which enhances the cosy homely feel can be used in this interior design style. Candles, collections of old teapots, bunches of country cottage garden flowers displayed in vases of different shapes and sizes out to be overall success of the design.

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