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How to Create 6: How to Create a Happy Home

This may be somewhat contentious however, there are interior design ideas and tricks that you can use to try and make your home a happy one! We all like to think that we live in a happy home and yet the toll daily lives sometimes makes this seem an impossible task. Today we’re going to have a look at how you can create an atmosphere and interior design style which will make your home a happy one!

1. ‘Happy’ Colours and Patterns:
The colours you choose are going to be paramount to the success of your design and your home. Basically any colour which makes you feel happy can be chosen, however colour psychologists will say that certain colours, such as reds and yellows are used in therapies to make people happier. If you smile every time you see hot pink for example and then this could be called your ‘happy colour’ and you should try and incorporate it into your interior whenever you can! Likewise, if black teamed with a neon green or blue makes you happy and contented then you should go with it! As happiness is state of mind we will each have our own patterns, like colours, that make us happy; this could be a pattern inspired by nature or a psychedelic pattern or image that reminds us of past decades when we believed ourselves to be happy!

2. ‘Happy’ Windows Treatments:
This may seem strange but having a window dressing that you actually like will also make you happy; if you have dull and boring curtains which was sick of looking at then they’re not going to make you very happy! Opt for a style, colour and pattern of bedroom curtains or kitchen blinds which blend in with your décor and interior design style as this will give you a better sense of happiness every time you look at them.

3. ‘Happy’ Furnishings:
Again your furnishings and furniture should be chosen because you like them, sometimes we have to compromise due to money restraints however, if you’re optimistic and look forward to the future you can save your money to get that gorgeous sleigh bed, with sensuous satin bedding or the leather sofa that you really want.

4. ‘Happy’ Lighting:
The amount of light that enters our home has been proven to have an effect on our moods and therefore our happiness. Do is a medical condition which is referred to as SAD where people feel down and depressed during the winter months due to the lack of sunlight hours. Light-boxes Can be used to lift the spirits, as such you should try and use as much natural daylight as you possibly can, whenever you can. Rather than from fluorescent lighting, which has also been proven to give people headaches, choose floor lamps or table lamps to light up any dull corners of a room.

5. ‘Happy’ Accessories:
Make your home happy simply by choosing accessories that you adore! This can be photos of loved ones or memories of happier times. If snuggling into deep, fat cushions to read your favourite novel makes you happy then make sure you use plenty of cushions on your sofa and chairs!

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