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How to Create 5: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

In today’s present economic climate we’re all trying to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and make our homes as eco-friendly as possible. ‘Going green’ is not merely choosing the colour! It’s about making informed decisions and choosing eco-friendly options for decorating and furnishing your home whenever possible. Take a look at our interior design ideas and see if you can make a difference to your carbon footprint.

1. Eco-friendly Colours and Patterns:

This is a tricky one to call as somehow we always think of being eco-friendly as green and therefore feel almost obliged to use this colour in our homes! What you need to look at is what your paint is made of and how it is manufactured so that you are being proactive in trying to reduce carbon emissions. Likewise patterns seem to be associated with natural objects and whilst this will give you a chic and trendy look for your home, having a particular pattern, for example on wallpaper or fabrics is about how the pattern is placed and manufactured onto these items and choosing the most eco-friendly option available to you.

2. Eco-friendly Windows Treatments:
Natural window treatments are available either by the use of wooden blinds or curtains made from natural materials such 100% cotton. Bamboo blinds are an ideal choice as these regenerate far faster than hard woods, making them more viable option. You should also take a look for curtain fabrics online and window blind retailers who make a concerted effort to ensure that their products sourced from sustainable forests.

3. Eco-friendly Furnishings:
These are going to be furniture and furnishings which are manufactured from the most renewable sources and those which aren’t produced using mass manufacturer which billow great plumes of CO2 into the air. Again if you choose wooden furniture and furnishings make sure they are manufactured from sustainable sources.

4. Eco-friendly Lighting:
The most eco-friendly lighting available is solar or wind generated, for those who have the opportunity should investigate the possibilities of either of these to generate their own electricity and therefore lighting. Other eco-friendly lighting options include the use of beeswax candles and of course as much natural lighting as possible.

5. Eco-friendly Accessories:
Handmade accessories are the ideal choice more especially if they’re made from recycled products. Jute rugs or home-made rag rugs are ideal for adding different textures and injections of colour into your rooms. Cheap cushion covers or cheap bed linen can be made from remnants of material or even patchwork covers can be made from recycling unwanted clothing!

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