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How to Create 3: How to Create a Natural Home

In Today’s post we’re going to take a look at creating natural homes. This particular topic remains a hot topic within the world of interior design; more especially as many people are making a pro-active effort to think about where their consumer goods come from and ways to reduce their carbon footprint by incorporating as many natural products in their homes as possible.

1. Natural Colours and Patterns:

Colours and patterns will be those inspired by nature with earthy tones being combined with patterns such as floral blooms, leaves and trees. All aspects of nature can be considered, particularly those which have not been annihilated or interfered with by man. Earth colours such as brown, green and ochre can be used in conjunction with cream and ivories to give a more natural look to the home. Patterns and designs do not necessarily have to be inspired by flora and fauna, other naturally patterns such as those created by water and air are also used when creating a natural look to a home.

2. Natural Windows Treatments:
Cotton, wood and bamboo will all make ideal natural window treatments. Woods and bamboo blinds are available in a wide range of colours and styles and with each having their own distinctive natural markings making them unique. Linen and cotton blends are ideal fabric is for all styles of curtains and Roman blinds. Wooden blinds made from either recycled, reclaimed or sustainable sources should be given consideration; Many manufacturers are being eco-friendly and are proud to advertise the fact that their products are not causing harm to the planet; so take a look at curtain fabrics online to find exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Natural Furnishings:
Furniture will of course be made from natural materials, the main source being woods which are sustainable or forests which are managed correctly. Other natural materials include various types of stone and marble for furnishings, along with bamboo, raffia, and jute which can be used for rugs.

4. Natural Lighting:
Of course natural light is free and therefore should be maximised for whenever possible. Long-life the light bulbs should also be used throughout your home. The use of natural beeswax candles are ideal for creating subdued and ambient lighting effects.

5. Natural Accessories:
Again anything which is found naturally, such as driftwood, seashells, flora and fauna can all be used as accessories within a home. Cushions and throws made from 100% cotton, natural silks, voile panels and linen are the ideal interior design ideas for this type of home.

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