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How to Create 2: How to Create a Welcoming Home

Today we’re going to focus on creating a welcoming home and while most of us think that are homes are welcoming there are some aspects will could make your guests and visitors feel ill at ease without you even realising it! Take a look at these interior design ideas and see where you can make adjustments in your home.

1. Welcoming Colours and Patterns:
From the minute you open your door visitors will either feel welcome or sense hostility! As such your entrance hall needs to be warm welcoming colours such a soft apricots, green, or neutral with subtle injections of warm colours. Although yellow is depicted as the colour for friendship some people find it a very irritating colour, so use it wisely if you want your home to be welcoming. Patterns can be used in every room just so long as they are not screaming out for attention as this can be too overpowering for some.

2. Windows treatments and Views:
Your window dressing should compliment your décor and if you have a stunning view use your curtains or blinds to draw people towards the window and the view beyond. If you overlook a street the use of Venetian blinds or modern voile panels will help make guests feel welcome as they are less likely to feel as if they’ve being observed by the outside world or being put on display!

3. Furnishings:
Obviously your furnishings need to compliment the style of your home, however, to make people feel welcome you’ll need to consider the placement of your furniture. Chairs and sofas pushed against the walls at right angles to each other don’t give natural conversation and eye contact much of a chance! Group furniture so that people can easily see each other and encourage interactions.

4. Lighting:
Depending on the room and why your guest or visitors are at your house will have an impact on the type of lighting you use. It’s a good idea to have a mixture of table and floor lamps, along with the availability of brighter central lighting if necessary.

5. Accessories:
Your accessories will speak volumes to your guests! If you want them to feel welcome in your home it’s advisable to place high value objects in places where they can’t be accidentally knocked off and damaged. If you have pale colour carpets using a patterned rug near seating will help people relax as they will be less terrified of spilling red wine on your white or cream carpet! Beautiful, super king size bedding will make overnight guests feel really welcome in your home.

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