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How to Create 1: How to Create a Restful Home

This week’s mini-series is all about how to create different atmospheres and ambience’s in your home. You may like to try all of them – picking out the ones which are most suitable for a particular room or adopting one to ‘run through’ your entire home. You’ll need to be realistic, honest and open to new interior design ideas.

However, there are 5 key points to consider in each. If you’re looking to create a home which is a haven of tranquillity and harmony and above all restful in which to live, consider the points and suggestions we’re offering and see where you can make the changes in your home without spending copious amounts of money.

1. Restful Colours and Patterns:
Colour is probably the most important choice you’ll have to make. If you want rest then opt for colours which are easy on the eye such as soft delicate greens and muted greens such as olive, moss and sage. In bedrooms soft pinks are ideal, team with silver greys for a more masculine look.

You should also avoid loud and garish patterns, instead opt for plain or subtle patterns such as embroidered bedding sets in bedrooms and small pastel patterns for curtains, blinds, cushions and throws.

2. Windows treatments and Views:
Soft fabric which fall in a natural delicate way will also be useful when creating a restful home. Harsh straight lines can be too clinical, so look for delicate fabrics which are soothing to touch such as silk, satin, velvet or voile panels for your window treatments. Roman blinds are also a good choice opposed to Venetian blinds which have straight lines.

The view outside your windows also needs to be restful; far easier if you live in the country or near the coast as your natural views are restful to watch. However, if you live in an urban jungle try and soften your view by adding window boxes filled with flowers.

3. Furnishings:
Cosy, homely country style furnishings are perfect. Try and select delicate looking furniture and anything which isn’t too chunky. Wood is always restful on the eye rather than metal.

4. Lighting:
Soft ambient lighting is a must. Turn off overhead or central ceiling lights and chose a mixture of table lamps and floor lamps placed in convenient places in a room, such as for reading or watching TV.

5. Accessories:
Floor rugs will add another texture and possibly colour and pattern to a room. Don’t over-cram your room with too many knick-knacks as these will look to fussy and be confusing to look at. Choose your most beautiful ornaments which bring a sense of calm and restfulness when you look at them.

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