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Be Colour Inspired by Summer’s Fresh Bouquets 7: Petunias

Petunias are a popular species of flower that come in a huge array of different and wonderful colours. Originating from South America, these flowers can now be found across the whole world and there are many hybrids of this particular flower also. Some of the wonderful colours that Petunias produce include lilac purple, dark reds, bright whites and also multicoloured species too.

If we take lilac for example, this is a colour that creates inspiration and acts as a compliment to existing décor in the home.

Instead of painting all the walls in your chosen room, why not try using lilac as the colour for two opposing walls. With the remaining two walls you can then use a colour such as an off-white or cream. Once you have your walls painted (or alternatively you could use you wallpaper), it is now time to hang a decorative piece on two of the walls. A really simple and stylish addition to a wall is to add wall decorations with a large single bloom floral theme.

Okay, so now you have decorated your walls it is time to consider the flooring. Many of us do not have a budget that covers replacing the carpets or floor boards but with just a couple of simple and cheap rugs direct you can make a really nice contrast by using cream or tanned coloured rugs that go well with the colours of petunias.

Another colour inspired by the wonderful petunia flower is also off-white. Whilst bright whites will make your home appear clinical if not decorated correctly, the off-white colour of the petunia flower actually brings a really cosy and warming atmosphere to your home. This is such a subtle colour that can be easily contrasted against other lighter colours such as greens browns and even light shades of purple.

Finally, if you do have a budget which allows you to spend a little extra and get really creative then certainly consider redecorating your windows with some new curtains. You can actually purchase wholesale fabric at a discounted price and either make the curtains yourself with heading tape and curtain hooks or opt for ready made curtains and drapes according to your specific preferences. If you have chosen the off-colour petunia white as the dominant colour for the room then lilac curtains go perfectly. As both of these colours are inspired by nature they blend seamlessly well and can transform your home into a warm and welcoming abode.

As there are so many different colours with petunias it is difficult to list them all here so to gain some further inspiration, take a look online at the wonderful colours that this the petunia flower produces.

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