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Inspiring Ideas From Far Away Places 7: Egypt

If you are considering decorating or remodelling one of the rooms in your home, rather than just paint all the walls in a neutral colour such as white, you might like to consider having a theme. You can choose anything you like, but whatever it is, it is wise to do some careful planning beforehand. In the current economic climate not many people have a lot of money to spend on decorating a room, but if you sit back and think for a moment, there are actually many ways to brighten up your room whilst having a budget in mind.

Perhaps in your travels you have visited Egypt, and you have fond memories of this country and now that your living room needs to be decorated, you are thinking about bringing in an Egyptian theme. Whilst the task may seem a little bit daunting, it is probably far easier than you think. If you bring to mind Egypt it will no doubt conjure up images of pyramids and camels, but at the same time the desert and the colours that are present. Therefore you might consider using a sandy yellow colour or perhaps a yellow with an undertone of gold in it to paint your walls and forcheap Roman blinds or luxury bedding.

There is another factor that you will have to take into consideration, and that is if you want your walls to be bright and lively, or maybe neutral with a muted appearance. Once you have made the decision to what colour you are going to use, you will need to assess how much paint you are going to need. If your room is twenty feet by twenty you will probably need about 2 gallons of paint for each coat that you apply to the walls!

If you have chosen a sandy yellow as the colour, you might consider only painting one of the walls with this, as perhaps painting all the walls in this colour might be overpowering If you are determined to have this sandy yellow colour in your room, you might like to think about putting some rugs down that are in this colour. If you’re lucky enough to have a hardwood floor in your living room, the addition of cheap rugs will have the effect of making it appear warmer, and at the same time creating an atmosphere that reflects your theme.

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