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Inspiring Ideas From Far Way Places 5: Florida

If you have ever been to Florida on holiday you will have probably seen the different ways that people have decorated their homes which reflects the laid-back style and also the tropical style of that state. So when it comes to decorating a room in your home, you might like to think about re-creating a style that is reminiscent of your time spent in Florida. With a little bit of thought and imagination, you will find that you will be able to incorporate a little bit of Florida into your home.

If you think of Palm Beach then you will know that the decorating style is very opulent, and also incorporates very ornate furniture. Whilst some of this furniture can be very expensive a cheaper option is to get hold of some old furniture and restore it to its former glory. When it comes to choosing the colour that you are going to use to paint your walls, you will find that choosing pastel colours that are soft and inviting will help you create a breezy look and an airy feel that will be reminiscent of the beach. You also might like to consider hanging up some paintings or prints that depict beach scenes, as this will tie in the room and help go towards the whole atmosphere of the room.

If you want the room you’re decorating to have the absolute beach-front feel, then the colours that you will need to think about using are white and beige, as these will go along way to achieving that effect. They may even remind you of a time that you had spent at a cabana that was on the beach in Siesta Key. If your budget doesn’t allow for you to replace your existing furniture with furniture that is of a lighter colour, a far easier and cheaper option is to purchase some cushions and throws that are in white or off white, or you may consider recovering your present sofa by buying from a wholesale fabric online retailer.

Choose cheap Roman blinds with a blue and white stripe as a window dressing that will help add to the beach theme. Some nice other added touches you can do is maybe get hold of a large sea shell, this can be placed anywhere in a room, but will often work as making a very good doorstop. Something else you might like to consider is getting a map of Florida, getting it framed and hanging it on one of your walls. This will make anybody you have visiting you realise they are in a Florida inspired room!

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