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How To 1: How to Create a Victorian Kitchen

With so many different ways to decorate a kitchen nowadays, it is often a difficult task to actually think of the different ways in which you can adorn your kitchen and create a wonderful looking cooking area. Aside from the contemporary styles, many people choose a Victorian kitchen which is a wonderful way to add feeling to your kitchen.

Knowing how to create a Victorian kitchen is often quite a difficult task in itself and many people seem to think that you need lots of money! Fortunately it’s actually a lot easier than many people think and many things that we already have can be adapted to create genuine a Victorian feel to almost any household item.

One thing you need to understand when creating a Victorian kitchen are the colours and materials that would typically be used during this period. A common metal that was used in the kitchen in Victorian times was bronze, yet it is not completely necessary to go out spend lots of money on expensive furnishings. You can actually create wonderful Victorian décor using everyday metals that we find in our households. Simply take a paintbrush and choose a colour and before you know it you have that bronze effect that you looking for.

The colour of the walls are extremely important and if you choose the wrong colour, that Victorian style in which you are aiming for may fail miserably. The Victorian era presented colours such as deep reds and purples and also lighter colours such as creams and browns. Again, take a look online and see which colour you like and once you have this in place you can carry on and decorate all other aspects of the kitchen to create your Victorian style.

The kitchen window dressings are also another aspect which you need to pay close attention to. Again, it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money on your windows to decorate them to give them a Victorian theme. Kitchen blinds are actually cost-efficient and so many examples are available to choose from. As already mentioned, colours add to the overall feel to your Victorian kitchen and ready made blinds in cream will look far more realistic than bright white.

Finally, once you have attached fixings to your kitchen surfaces and addressed the windows it is time to look at the flooring. Many people actually used cream coloured flooring and used a kitchen rug in front of the sink, which gives a spacious feeling to your Victorian styled cooking area.

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