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Be On-Trend, Be Square In Your Bathroom

ike your hallway, your bathroom offers you a limited space and area to practice the trend of squaring, which is going to be huge this spring and now you have the chance to get a head quick head start. Your choices of furniture will be almost non-existent but small pieces, of decorative and practical use, can all add quite a subtle touch that guests will appreciate.

Add a touch of square to your bathroom!
Again, part of the contemporary design feel will be minimal and functional, so don’t go over board and make everything square in your bathroom, just a few items that can achieve this trend and cause some reflection and contemplation in guests.

Square frames created on the wall as shelving – the shelving will have to be bracket-less, the shelving which invisibly attaches to the wall – not only provides this look but can also be completely functional. Not only will there be a ledge on top of the frame, but a great interior space to place anything. In the interior can go, in the case of a bathroom, bottles of soap, shampoos, creams, whatever you like. On top of the frame, more of the same or a contrast of a small potted plant. Although in this case, it is often better to leave the top ledge empty and instead allow focus to come to the objects in the middle. In this interior space can be simple decorative elements, such as a potted plant to statues or any knick-knack.

Small accessories can be square in shape, such as soap dishes, or soap containers, a waste-basket, and towel racks. Choose square shaped bathroom rugs or those with a square based pattern.

Stencils can be painted on the wall in this pattern of complimentary colours and really allow the look to come alive and it can simply be painted over when you no longer desire it. Many of us have paints lying around we would like to use and this gives us a chance.

When deciding what square elements to introduce, examine your bathroom and think about what space you want to use and what sort of items can do it. Remember, it is all about being subtle and making it fit in place perfectly and allowing empty space to surround it to make it stand out.

Think about what space you want to use and then start the most fun part of shopping for your ideas. Perhaps you have several interior design ideas kicking around in your head but are only going to use the few when you find the perfect objects to complete it. This will allow you to not only have the items which provide the most impact and visual appeal, but it allows you to place them exactly in the sense of they compliment the look.

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