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How To Get This Year’s Looks – Art Deco

In this least post of our mini series we’re going to take a look at a trend which never seems to go out of fashion. Although predominately a trend for last year Art Deco remains hugely popular on the interior design scene. So how do you create this gorgeous look? Read on and we’ll tell you easy ways to get the look using Art Deco colours, furnishings and accessories.

Furniture – Streamlined, shiny and comfortable just about sums up Art Deco furniture. Many pieces of furniture are made from chrome or wood which is highly lacquered, including lacquered panels in black which served as screens principally in bedrooms. Leather was also commonly used for furniture and furnishings, along with wood such as birds-eye maple, ebony and light maple veneers. Furnishings and upholstery were plush velvet which oozed chic style and comfort.

Colours – Art Deco interiors are minimalist and the majority of colour schemes involved black teamed with green, red or ash grey with accents of gold or chrome.

Flooring – Chequered tiles in black and white were hugely popular, particularly by those who couldn’t afford colourless or black marble. Grey, tan or black rugs with serpentine swirls were placed over the highly polished floor.

Lighting – Ceiling lights and lamps in bronze were common place, all incorporating flora or numerical shapes. Floor lamps in the design of torches, made from iron or chrome with hand blow glass shades where also used in lounges and halls. Cheap table lamps in nickel or chrome were strategically placed in lounges to provide light to dim corners or to accentuate their beautiful glass shades.

Textures – The majority of surfaces were shiny and hygienic. Velour was used extensively in upholstered furniture and leather gave a natural glossy look on surfaces. Curtains were also made from rich fabrics such as velvet or velour. Traditional pencil pleat curtains should be used when you’re trying to achieve an Art Deco look either as the sole window dressing or used in conjunction with ebony or dark coloured wooden Venetian blinds.

Accessories – Candlesticks and even door handles were made of moulded nickel, chrome or silver which have chevron shapes. Frosted wine glass or black marble vases would be in keeping and give your home an authentic Art Deco look.

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