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How To Get This Year’s Looks: Completely Coastal

You don’t have to live near the sea to adopt the coastal look for your home, but you can be inspired by it! Us Brits have a natural affinity to the sea and the beautiful vistas that frame it. This may not be the gleaming white sands and bright blue water other countries boast but that doesn’t stop us dreaming of them or indeed incorporating both our own countries shores and those in warmer climates into our interior design ideas.

The main focus is the crisp, clean look obtained by using white and tones of blue. You can use gentle pastel blues for a calming bedroom or bright sky blues to perk up a tired looking bathroom. This year neutrals are also being seen in modern homes, pretty blue paired with soft beige make for a winning combination in lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms. Use these paler colours if you have small rooms as they’ll instantly make them appear larger.

Include distressed wood to frame pictures and mirrors, if you find large enough pieces you could even make you own table on which to place a lamp. To stop the look from being kitsch, try not to use too many seaside style souvenirs! Instead use you imagination with nautical themes items such as rope-detail for accessories, wicker furniture, shell collections displayed on open shelving and sisal rugs.

Use pale beech curtain poles to hang full length lightweight voile curtains, especially in the summer so that they catch the breeze when your windows are open. As we don’t boast that much warm weather in the UK, you may like to add blinds to your windows to give an extra layer of insulation during the winter months. Again, opt for the cool colours of the sea or use wooden blinds to bring a natural warmth to your rooms. Alternatively use full length curtains in a neutral tone hung by curtain tracks in white to blend silently in with your wall and wood-work colours.

If you want a change from the blue and white stripes for chairs and soft furnishings which are typically associated with the coastal look, try adding different textures and patterns on furnishings to give a new coastal look which may be preferential to your style of home and your personality. You should keep with similar colour schemes, just go a few shades darker to get a completely coastal modern look in your home.

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