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2011 Home Decorating Trends 7: Going Global

There has been a lot of talk and already some evidence that a global decorating style will be right on trend this year – Going Global is our last 2011 home decorating trend and I love it! Last year it already started to get some praise but those home owners who don’t see themselves as travellers probably felt it would be cheating to use a global influence in their interiors – not so, just let this look reign! Finally, the extra special thing about the trend this year is that it is all about mixing things up for an eclectic look – Persian fabrics with Moroccan furniture; Oriental rubbing shoulders with Latin America.

Colours – Expect a lot of innovative colour ways used for textiles; possibilities though for a colour scheme or endless due to the vast amount of inspiration we have access to – the lacquered reds of China, a true celebration of primary colours from Africa, subtle tonal schemes from Japan and deep, earthy oranges from Peru. If you are anxious about how much colour there is to be had and how you should come up with something tasteful – do plan with a mood board first and don’t choose colours just for the sake of the trend; make sure you can live with it too! Neutrals and muted colours can be used too – focus then on layering global style textures and play around with shape and form.

Flooring,Walls & Ceiling – Again, with a lot of influence to take from it is difficult to pinpoint or recommend a type of flooring or a hue for the walls. Although what we can say is that area rugs or the layering of smaller, globally influenced rugs will be hot! I think I would approach this look with neutral walls and a light flooring so that I had less restriction on adding colour in later on.

Furniture – Unless you know for sure that you are comfortable/confident to really taking this style on board – do choose global styled furniture for smaller pieces or use throws and slip-covers to try it out on a sofa or armchair. We love the Moroccan touch and I think it will lead the way this year; small hexagonal side tables are a nice touch. Other furniture that will be easy to work with include Rattan furniture, lacquered side tables, Japanese platform beds and vintage suitcases as decorative storage!

Textiles – Don’t underestimate the power of textiles to bring global style home – browse until your heart is content; pondering over Oriental and Indian rugs, silks and exotic fabrics, African prints, Ikat patterns, chinoiserie and so on – all this and more can be found by looking at curtain fabrics online.

Lighting & Accessories – You will be at an advantage if you have been on your travels, with a growing collection of global accessories already waiting to displayed and highlighted. Fortunately though you will see a boom in lighting and accessories with global style if our predictions are right!

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