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New Year’s Resolutions 6: I Will Love My Small Space!

Here at Terry’s Fabric Blog, we have often posted decorating inspiration, tips and advice for small spaces. We want to bring you small space dwellers into the New Year on a positive note. Today, we look at why you should learn to love your little home and round up some of the best tips on maximising space, how best to spend your decorating funds and lots more!

How Can You Maximise A Small Space?
In a small space, you need to use those walls to your advantage which could mean a number of things! In terms of storage, (which is crucial in getting right) built in shelving that reaches from floor to ceiling is a clever way to maximise space. Furthermore, it is good to use a colour that matches that of the walls for a more seamless finish. Floor to ceiling ready made curtains are both glamorous and add height to rooms with low ceilings. Choosing the right paint colour will also help to make a room seem bigger with light colours being a good choice; not to forget that this is a cheap option for anyone looking for a quick update.

What Items Should You Invest In When Decorating A Small Space?
Double-duty furniture is definitely what small space dwellers should invest in – saving both space and pennies. Look for sofa beds for example which can transform from day to night or be an emergency bed for guests. Ottomans are another classic example of double-duty furniture as they have lots of storage space and can be used for seating or even as a coffee table.

How To Get Rid Of Small-Space Blues!
The best advice is to keep things simple and to follow your heart! There will always be people like us telling you the rules of decorating a small space and although a lot of it will help you to accomplish a home that you will love – the cherry on the cake comes from surrounding yourself with the things you love. Remember too that although you will need a lot of storage, it doesn’t mean that it has to be distasteful; rather than opting for the plastic boxes on wheels that roll under the bed, choose pieces that become part of your décor and make finding things easier.

Decorative storage boxes are neat, simple and come in a range of colours and patterns to suit every taste. You can make them a part of your décor by placing them on open shelving amongst décor pieces. Ready made roller blinds are a small space’s best friend as they are simple, designed to fit perfectly and come in many colours for either toning down the room or to liven it up a notch.

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