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New Year’s Resolutions 2: Mastering The Art Of Budget Decorating

You will not only learn, but implement and master the ten budget decorating commandments in the New Year! We like to call them commandments – they are in fact just tips and advice for budget decorating; nevertheless it will mean you can decorate in style and have some pennies left over for a rainy day. Updating your home was never so friendly on the pocket, with all the great products out there and in the January sales…well, now would be a good time to make a start don’t you think?

I Will Add Colour To My Walls – A new paint colour for the walls or for one focal wall is a quick and cheap transformation. We look at new colour trends next week – so be sure to pass by for some inspiring hues!

I Will Reinvent The Pieces I Have – You might not have to buy anything to change the look and feel of your home; if you already have pieces that you love, just move some of them around to make a new and refreshing layout. Whilst you are at it, you might come across items that you don’t really need – throw them in the back of the car and sell them on the car-boot next weekend. You might even find something to bring back home with you.

I Will Be Clever When Choosing Lighting – There is no doubt that lighting creates certain moods – perhaps it is the right mood that you are missing? Change an overhead light in a bedroom to wall sconces for a more romantic setting or put up a floor lamp in the lounge and design a cushy reading nook around it.

I Will Update My Pillows – It might take a good part of the year to save for a new sofa; in the meantime, jazz it up with some new pillows or refresh existing pillows by creating your own covers with curtain material online. Have them link the colours in the room or introduce a new colour with accents.
I Will Attempt To Make My Own Headboard – A similar idea goes for the bedroom; whilst waiting for your new bed to arrive, create your own headboard and upholster in a beautiful fabric.

I Will Make Use Of Mirrors – Mirrors have more than one purpose; aside from the obvious they can become a cheap alternative to designer wall art and will help to both create more light and the sense of space in a room.

I Will Upholster That Old, Tired Armchair – As your upholstering experience grows, you can have the confidence to upholster an old, tired armchair for a new lease of life. Be daring with a bright colour or choose an interesting pattern.
I Will Put Up Wall Art – You could have a go at creating your own wall art by framing panels of fabric or visit a gallery from an art college or university – some students may be selling original works for affordable prices.

I Will Re-Consider My Window Treatments – Consider Roman blinds how to make and you can have a new set of window treatments created and put up over a weekend. Browse curtain fabrics online for something to match your personal style.

I Will Take On A Statement Piece – Splurge on one statement piece in each room and nobody will notice that the rest was bought on a tight budget!

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