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Starting From The Ground Up! 7: Buying The Perfect Rug For You

To bring our series on rugs to an end, we have rounded up our best advice to help you choose the perfect rug or rugs for your home. Probably the best advice we can give is to browse rugs online where the designs are limitless – budget is important, but for the first time browsing try to forget your budget and discover rugs that attract you the most; then you have an idea of what you really want. You might find that the design you love the most is too expensive in a natural fibre for example, but at least you can try to find a similar design using a cheaper fabric.

· If you need to open up a space or neutralise it in terms of colour and pattern – a large rug in a block colour will be a good choice; better still when it is a light or neutral colour such as light green or cream. Patterns can be used but should be simple and loose as opposed to being too ornate or ‘busy’. Your choice of rug can help to make a room look and feel more spacious.

· In colder months or just to make a room more welcoming and cosy – warm, dark colours or rich colour palettes will help; this can include patterned rugs too.

· Do you need your rug to draw attention to a particular area of the home or do you wish to purchase a rug that will act as a statement piece in its own right? If it is the latter that you want then do choose bold rugs by colour or fascinating patterns/prints. It will show up more when the rest of your décor is neutral and/or with subtle pattern to begin with. When you want your furniture to be the focal point in a room, then you will be looking for rugs that don’t take the attention away – think subdued colours and patterns, smaller rugs as opposed to one large.

· Your perfect rug might be chosen to complete a theme within a room. Themed rooms become complete with the addition of a complementary rug. It can be easy to decorate in a theme and yet forget that the flooring and in this case the rug, should be chosen around that theme too. This is the case with decorating in certain styles or periods too – a Chinese rug may be beautiful – but will it look the part in an industrial style apartment (although it could work if you really wanted it to!) Taking this idea further – how about a wonderful and traditional floral pattern to complete a Victorian styled lounge or a simple navy and white striped rug for that nautical bathroom?

· Just because your room is decorated in a certain style or theme, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a patterned rug or printed one to do it justice – as long as you tie it in with your chosen colour palette. A fairytale girl’s bedroom would look stunning with a bright pink floor rug or a contemporary styled room can be updated seasonally with the latest colour trends in floor rugs.

· Have a think about textured rugs in rooms that are otherwise streamlined and with a polished edge – a shag pile rug can change the look of such a room instantly and allow it to be more welcoming and comfortable.

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