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Unstoppable Colour Trend Grey 3 – In The Lounge

I just can’t see my world ever living without grey – not after this years unstoppable colour trend has inspired many a home makeover in the last 11 months or so. Saying that, I have always had a thing for grey – but now it just seems to be so much better appreciated in a range of decorating styles, that ideas for using this hue are pouring out of home decorating sites and magazines – the world is hooked! With oodles of new inspiring interior design ideas, grey is going to be around for some time. Why not get your way with grey – check out some of our favourite looks for the lounge today!

In the lounge, try a serene and casual mood by choosing a grey tint that is almost white. This light and airy grey or off-white can help to open up a small lounge or simply make it lighter and more welcoming. In a traditional styled room, paint the other features with eggshell white – skirts, doors, window frames, mouldings, fireplace etc. etc. White furniture will improve this idea and really make the room crisp and fresh – use slip covers if you need to hide bright or heavily patterned sofas and chairs. You will need a touch of black or better still – a dark wood to ground the room.

We would suggest having a delicate coffee table central to the room and matching side tables. A dark wooden floor would also improve the look – why not create a zone by using a neutral floor rug under the coffee table?

Never underestimate what grey can bring to the home and how well it brings a room together; you can work it into almost any existing décor or style. We saw quite a lot of grey paired with yellow in the summer – a bright acid yellow was the preference against a dark, smoky grey. For the end of year, yellow is still around but its darker – a mustard tone for example and is set off with lighter greys. It’s not done often this colour collaboration – which makes it all the more stunning when it is. Start with pattern, a focal wall dressed with a light grey and white patterned wallpaper we are loving the re-emergence of paisley prints right now.

With a white sofa against this focal wall, you can dress it with mustard yellow cushions and white textured throws (plus additional cushions in white for a more relaxed look). Look for curtain fabrics online for the same mustard grey at windows. Carry the grey out with accessories to decorate the coffee table and a grey rug to ground the white sofa and furniture.

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