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Be Proud Of Your Heritage 1 – English Country Style

This week we are looking at the best of British – the styles for homes that will show you how to be proud of your heritage. Many of these styles will be taken from our rich history of decorating and design with period décor and all of them will make your home stunningly beautiful!

The English country style of decorating incorporates many elements such as the rustic look of furnishings, floral patterns and décor pieces, a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to name just a few. It is a style that for many, represents the true English appeal. It has that country charm we all know and love – reminding us of of home comforts and the beautiful English countryside. This look can be made modern, but you wouldn’t achieve it with a minimalist approach – it is all about keeping the things you love out in the open!

· Toile patterns will be right on the point in an English country style home. You can use it with wallpaper designs, duvet covers UK (of course!), window treatments and accessories. It sets the historical feel to the home and makes it that little bit more cosy. A toile pattern is usually placed on a white or off-white background and has a repetitive pattern in blue, red or black (although other colours can be found) – a complex one at that. What you tend to see are scenes depicting life in the countryside such as a family fishing by the lake or a couple having a picnic under a lofty tree. Although this pattern originated in France – it was used widely in British period styles and became a common feature of the English country style.

· Whimsical is good so you will find pleasure in adding thrift store finds and vintage décor pieces to your home. Some things that represent the country will be particularly fanciful – think about an old metal birdcage, antique candlesticks, wicker baskets and china tableware.

· The perfect statement sofa? A button tufted one with rolled arms that looks like a classic Chesterfield sofa. This is going to be one of major pieces in your lounge so you might choose to have one in a gorgeous fabric like a dark brown leather; alternatively, make it shocking in an unexpected colour such as a bright yellow or turquoise. To complete the comfort of the lounge, add lots of cushions and throws that compliment the rest of the colour in the room and dress up the walls with family photos in different shaped frames.

· In the kitchen, you might want to retain some of the old features of your home if they are at all still in place. A big farmhouse sink looks incredible with light wood cabinets and won’t be confused with more modern pieces. Made to measure blinds offer you lots of colours and patterns to give the kitchen that country feel. A brick or stone archway built to frame the oven will look good as would wide planked wooden flooring.

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