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Design Of The Day 3 – Young And Free

You are only as old as you feel! Don’t let our title put you off because you might find that through dressing up your home with a carefree and youthful attitude, that atmosphere will have a knock on effect and you are going to feel a lot younger and vibrant. Trust us. We will be looking mostly at contemporary style ideas for your home as they are also younger and fresher than their traditional counterparts. From kitchens, living rooms to bedrooms and funky bathrooms – run away with us and discover the brighter side of home decorating. Most importantly – don’t hold back!

· In a small property, start with a few illusionist tricks and give the impression that you have more space, more freedom. Stripes are good for this – horizontals to add width and verticals to add height. Try painting stripes on the wall with fresh colours – light blues, white and perhaps a darker blue is just one example. You can make this more interesting by varying the widths of the stripes – although generally, the wider the stripe the better as it is less fussy. You could also archive a similar effect with a striped floor rug or bounce more light around with chic mirrored furniture.

· In the bathroom, break the norm with a free-standing, streamlined bathtub in sparkling white. It will act as a statement piece so draw to it with a splash of vibrant colour on the back wall. The rest of the décor should be minimalist and free of clutter. You will never have enjoyed bath-time so much!

· Free your mind and go for a uber-modern kitchen design that is fresh and with a slightly retro look in accents. A cool mix of handle-free white units and worktops, icy-blue gloss splash-backs and the clean lines of an island unit to match (if enough space is available). An island unit will bring entertainment back to the kitchen and guests or family can sit around whilst you prepare meals. A few retro elements in this design will give it a more casual and fun look; try fifties inspired barstools made from chrome and glossy fibreglass, a retro print for the wall or even a statement retro fridge in a blue or other colour to match your splash-back.

· Moving onto bedrooms, this is generally where you can have the most fun with expressing your personal style – so really let your imagination run away with you! Here is just one idea for creating a bedroom that is anything but dated or conformist. Having lots of light is quite important for this look as you will be using bright colours. White or light floors to begin with, window treatments that provide both privacy and good light control, plus the use of a light wood in furniture. Lime green will be a dominant colour on two walls, white on the other two.

If the window is opposite the bed – bonus; this wall will be white and you can use the same bright colour with lime green curtains for contrast. Choose a light, warm neutral for duvet covers bedding, but dress it up with a lime green runner at the end of the bed and accent with cheap cushion covers in both lime green and plum.

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