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Design Of The Day – Black And White Bedrooms

One week, seven whole days and each with a wonderful new look for your home decorating projects. Whether it be a bedroom makeover, bathroom facelift, redressing the lounge or shaping up the kitchen – we have designs a plenty this week to meet your needs!

Day one and we are bringing you black and white bedroom designs. This monochrome look is dramatic, eye-catching and never seems to date. It can be a great design to add to and take away from – you can change its overall look and feel by adding a touch of another colour or varying the amounts of black and white that you use. It is flexible and classic, complimenting and contrasting – it is a million and one things that can suit all tastes, styles and budgets. Read on to get some inspiration for the ever-trendy bedroom in black and white!

· Depending on how you use this colour combination, it can really pack a punch and ooze style. Simply black and white has high contrast and turns heads; through using touches of other colour, there are many moods that you can create – either softening the look or exaggerating it. Our advice is to start with the black and white theme and then laying different colours on the bed or by the window to see what effect it has. You can use items of clothing to sample the look and later buy fabrics or accessories online that match your favourite palette.

· Black has always given bedrooms a sense of sophistication – even when used as just an accent. Together with white it is a classic look, but should you feel it is too cold or stark you can bring in a touch of cream on the walls or in duvet covers bedding. It won’t take away from the monochrome scheme but it can give some extra warmth and modern day elegance.

· One suggestion we can make is to take inspiration from chic hotel designs – they always seem to pull off the black and white bedroom with ease. Choose furniture with clean lines in black and dress up with silver accessories – a mirror in a silver frame, bed runner in a shimmering metallic finish and matching curtains.

· If you want to put emphasis on the bed then consider black and white bedding with a toile pattern or any bold print. Don’t stop with the bedding alone and dramatise the look further with a black headboard. You could create this yourself by making two panels and covering them in black fabric. Take another tip from hotel designers and adjust the room to create symmetry; matching bedside tables in white or grey and matching table lamps UK.

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