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How To 2 – How To Clean Vertical Blinds Part 2

Yesterday we frowned about cleaning your window treatments just once a year – but as long as you do a weekly clean it is perfectly fine to leave the thorough cleaning on a yearly basis. This would involve taking the blinds down from the window, removing the chain, bottom plates and the hooks from the top. Gather the slats together and be careful to keep them in order if yours happen to bare a pattern.

Fabric blinds could be hand washed in the bath with lukewarm water and a little soap. If you have a low temperature on the washing machine then that is another (more convenient) option to go with. What you must avoid at all costs, is putting them in the dryer. It is better for the vertical blind to be hung outside or back at the window so long as there is enough air circulating for them to dry. Only put the chain and plates back on once they have fully dried.

With wood and plastic, you can use a soft brush outdoors and the garden hose as long as the jet isn’t too powerful, for a good clean. Make sure that you rinse them well and get rid of any soap suds before allowing them to dry otherwise you can end up with staining. Like wise don’t over soak wooden blinds or you could distort them. Don’t forget a little polish to make them look brand new again!

Today’s modern vertical blinds have treatments which help prevent dust build, they also have coatings which helps to stop them warping or fading too much in harsh sunlight. The biggest piece of advice is to check the instructions and labels prior to stripping them down. If you have made to measure blinds check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Whilst you have your blinds stripped down it gives you the ideal opportunity to replace any vertical blind slats which have become stained or damaged due to accidental spills and over boisterous animals or children! Again follow the supplier’s guidelines and you won’t go far wrong!

If you’re blinds aren’t that dirty and merely need a quick dust the yesterday’s post How To Clean Vertical Blinds Part 1 is worth referring back to.

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