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How To 1 – How To Clean Vertical Blinds Part 1

Blinds are a stylish way to dress up windows or patio doors – not to forget they have a good function of giving you privacy when you need it. The only problem is the thought of having to clean them – you can’t just throw them in the washing machine once a month! That won’t be a good enough excuse to not clean them though – so take the following advice from us and have them looking brand spanking new for longer. It is surprising how much dust and dirt can build up – a nightmare situation for those with allergies.

You must remember to get into the habit of cleaning them on a regular basis as a yearly swipe with a feather duster isn’t adequate for this type of window treatment (or any for that matter!) There are different materials used that may need a slightly different approach to when it comes to cleaning them. Generally they are made of either plastic, wood or fabric – all materials that need weekly attention to stop the dust from building up.

Start by closing the vertical blind and use your hoover with the upholstery attachment for best results and ease of use. It might be a monotonous chore but you should take the time to go from top to bottom on each individual slat – back and front side!

If there are some marks on the kitchen blinds from splashed drinks and so forth – a damp soapy cloth should be enough to remove it – the earlier you attend to it the better so that it doesn’t leave a stain. Leave the windows open so the material has a chance to air and dry thoroughly.

Whatever product you choose to use – just double check the labels that it is suitable for the fabric or wood. The wooden variety may benefit from a specific wood cleaner or use a little polish to spruce them up from time to time. If you are still worried about damaging cheap vertical blinds, you can always try it out on a small area that is less visible and check back after an hour or ask advice from the company you bought your blinds from.

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