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A Room With A View 5 – A Room With A View Over Hills and Dales

How very lucky you are to have a home in the countryside overlooking the natural rolling shapes of the hills and dales! You certainly could take advantage of this fascinating view by bringing a touch of nature within your home and giving your windows the perfect treatments to look out over the tumbling landscape. Like a beautiful oil painting, you can bring to life the British countryside by taking its most impressive scenes indoors and improving on your view from within.

Inspiration From The Hills And Dales:

  • There is something quite magical about the great outdoors, the limitless open spaces are enchanting and liberating. Images of running through the fields with your hair blowing in the wind – you have all the space you need to just be yourself.
  • The colours can change dramatically with the seasons, but those we enjoy the most are spring and summer – fresh greens and the colours displayed in wild flowers such as violets and daisies – a lot of feminine pastels and brights. The colour of the earth represents warm neutrals such as browns, clay, taupe and cream.
  • Wooden furniture will look right in place for a home in the countryside – natural finishes and a slightly worn look are ideal components.
  • Layering fabrics and using natural materials such as wool and cotton. Weaved fabrics with texture and natural motifs or prints such as leaves and delicate flower patterns.

Get The Look At Home:

Use plenty of colour in the home to have that spring/summer feeling throughout the year. Alternatively, use the aforementioned warm neutrals as the main colours and change your bedding, curtains and sofa furnishings as the seasons change to resemble the shift in colours.

King sized beds or four poster beds with super king sized bedding will make you feel very special and a large oak dining table will be comfortable and functional. Remember to go for a slightly worn look which might mean sanding down woods to reveal its original grain.

Wooden Venetian blinds are the perfect window treatment for views over the hills and dales. Be careful in your choice though – look for good quality that will stand the test of time. Hardwood varieties in oak are usually the best and they will also compliment hard wood flooring.

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