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A Room With A View 4 : A Room With A View Towards A Babbling Brook

A room with a view overlooking a babbling brook – few of you will have this luxury so it is important that you make the most of it. What we can see when we look out of our windows can be reflected within the home and enhance our surroundings. The outdoors can inspire indoor themes and styles when you don’t know where to start with decorating.

Inspiration From A Babbling Brook:

  • Natural scenes will call upon natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk. Patterns and prints should be minimal and restful on the eye such as soft wavy patterns. Lined voile curtains that have a natural and subtle sheen or beautiful weave are perfect choices.
  • Both warm and cool neutrals are brought out of the babbling brook – the bubbling white ripples on the surface of the water, the colours from rocks and pebbles. Surrounding this water feature are fresh and vibrant greens with a natural sheen from the water. Come autumn, the leaves from the trees fall in and around the brook – golds, earthy oranges, yellows and soft reds.
  • Most obviously, stone and slate can be used within the home to compliment the outdoors and are ideal for a contemporary interior. Natural woods in a light to medium tone and lots of glass and clear surfaces can also work well.

Get The Look At Home:

You should start with embracing the element of water in your home. Feng Shui looks at how water can be harmonising and bring a balance into the home for well-being. Water can be brought in in the literal sense – a small scale water fountain or simple table decoration with water in a glass bowel and floating rose petals or candles.

There are other items that are closely linked with water such as glass and crystal. Place mirrors on the walls to reflect the light in the same way as the surface of water. As flowing water never creates perfect lines or shapes, you should avoid the clean lines of contemporary living as much as possible – placing furniture at angles and choosing pieces with a curvy edge.

For the all important window treatments, voile curtains ready made for easy application will fit the interior perfectly and their natural flowing shape will work well with the views of the babbling brook.

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