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A Room With A View 2 – A Room With A View Over City Skyscrapers

The view from outside your window is going to have some effect on your interiors. If you have an urban home and a fascinating view over the city then we have some great ideas how to incorporate that environment into your home decorating. We will be paying some special attention to window treatments which will the beginning of where indoors and outdoors merge.

How can you be inspired by city skyscrapers and city views when designing your home? We will be pulling out the best elements and helping you to create your own ideas plus giving some of our own!

Inspiration From City Skyscrapers:

  • This view is a picture of urban living – contemporary, ambitious and full of energy.
  • Colours that you can pull out from an urban scene are mostly neutral and industrial – steely greys, black, white and with the odd touch of a bold and inspiring colour such as orange or red.
  • Lots of glass, steel, metals and clean lines that are evident in the skyscrapers design.
  • Surfaces are smooth and shiny, they are classy and yet easy to maintain.

Get The Look At Home:

An urban apartment or loft space should be contemporary and make the most of the space that it has. The layout is likely to be open plan with lots of clean lines and hard edges. A few statement pieces throughout the home will prevent it from looking one and the same to to other apartments in your block, plus it will give an otherwise simple design a touch of character.

Those living in the city are likely to be working in the city and your home will need to be both restful but inspiring. A mostly neutral colour palette will be soothing and the occasional accent in a bold red, zesty lime or shocking orange will keep the energy flowing. Furniture will be very streamlined and solid – raw materials such as concrete flooring, stainless steel kitchens and plenty of glass. Comfort is brought in with the use of luxury fabrics – choose silk bedding and curtain sets and a statement leather sofa.

City lights and large glass windows can be fascinating to look out to – but not when you need privacy and a good degree of light control. We recommend blackout roller blinds for city dwellers so you can quickly change from a stunning view to complete privacy as and when you please. Use blackout blinds and ready made blackout curtains together to create a stunning window dressing which is right on-trend.

City windows often have large glass planes and they look great without having any furniture to block the view. Some good decorating options would be some abstract sculptures to either side or make a contrast to urban life with some natural green plants.

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