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A Room With A View 1: A Room With A View Overlooking The Sea

You can really take inspiration from outside when decorating a home. We are going to be looking at how you can decorate your home when you have a view of the sea and bringing the elements of this environment indoors. One of the most important focal points will be where the outdoors meets with your interior – your window treatments being the highlight.

First, we have to do some interpretation which is always one of the pleasurable parts of home decorating. Discover with us the elements of the ocean and its environment before moving on to how you can get this look within your homes.

Inspiration From The Sea View:

  • The environment is tranquil, cheerful and optimistic.
  • The colour scheme is mostly cool blues, greens and the occasional white and red of passing boats.
  • Materials such as wood (especially driftwood), stone and reflective surfaces such as glass are best for ocean inspired interiors.
  • Fabrics will be light and breezy, natural cotton and prints will be either classic nautical stripes or playful images of ocean life such as seahorses.

Get The Look At Home:

To achieve a tranquil atmosphere in the home you will want to play with neutral colour palettes such as off-whites, light greys or browns. Open up spaces and don’t clutter up rooms so that you can free up your mind. Bring in a touch of colour with accents that will stop the space from looking too washed out. You might choose to paint one wall in each room with a shade of blue or green and have it as your feature wall.

The same colour or a slightly brighter tone can be brought in with cushions and throws or accessories. When choosing furniture, look for natural woods that have a slightly weathered appearance and reflect the natural light with glass surfaces on dining tables or coffee tables. Natural wooden floorboards or stone tiles will look great in the home inspired by the sea.

Tab top voile curtains would be our preferred choice to dress up your windows. They are a very light and breezy fabric that will let in an abundance of natural light and sway dreamily with the wind coming off the sea. Choose relaxed detailing so that the eyes don’t stop at the curtains – embroidered stripes in pastel on a white or cream background – bliss!

A simple seating arrangement of two chairs by the window will allow you to enjoy the beautiful views. Wicker furniture with your favourite nautical pattern on cheap cushion covers such as blue and white stripes or pretty coral colours will complete the look. You could decorate a window ledge with items made from seashells or a wooden boat/lighthouse.

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