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How To 6: How To Use Black and White In Bedrooms

When decorating bedrooms, the monochromatic colour scheme of black and white can look really special and it doesn’t have to be all that hard to achieve. There isn’t just one way of using black and white in the bedroom – there are many ideas that can ultimately have a different effect on the atmosphere of a room.

For each idea that we give you can choose predominant black or predominant white. Predominant black will be more dramatic and mysterious where as having more white will be lighter, fresher and contemporary.

  • White or ivory white walls can look very trendy with some black and white prints in chunky black frames. You can use black and white photography or there is nothing holding you back from a hint of colour. Aside from wall art, mirrors with an eye-catching frame will really show off the contrasting qualities of white on black/black on white.
  • When decorating your bedroom with black and white, it doesn’t mean you can’t have colour too – just keep other colours to the bare minimum such as detailing in patterned cheap cushion covers. A red wall lamp either side of the bed and on black and white striped wallpaper is a real strong statement. Alternatively, paint one wall in a colour such as blue or green to soothe out the high contrast of black and white furniture, fabrics and accessories.
  • With the presence of black, it can be difficult to find natural wood furniture to pull into the scheme. If you must have wooden furnitures then consider giving them a fresh paint in white or black. Wrought iron beds in black or white are beautiful statement pieces and every room needs a strong point! Chrome can also compliment black and white as its grey colouring ties in with the monochrome scheme. Just take it easy as too much chrome can be ‘cold’ for bedroom interiors.
  • Black and white bedding in either a simple print or a more dramatic one can look stunning and elegant. Look for floral prints or simple stripes for a more laid back room. Add a splash of colour in cushions such as pink, green or yellow.
  • Emphasize the contrast of these two colours with accessories and décor pieces. A white vanity table with a black lampshade or use a white blind and black and white patterned pencil pleat curtains for window treatments.
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