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Summer Holidays -Part 3 – Narrow Boats

Heading out on the canals this summer? Lucky you if you have your own narrow boat – they can be a real pleasure for summer holidays and with our interior design tips, the whole experience can be a hundred times better – yes, we can make that promise! First, you are going to want a home away from home so being cosy and comfortable is of utmost importance.

Despite limitations on floor space and the narrowness of the boat – you can achieve a range of looks to suit you. We have some ideas that we find to be perfect for decorating your narrow boats – just remember to add your own personal touches.

Sometimes the most obvious of colour choices are the best and a holiday home on the water is no exception. Blue in all its varieties is a classical approach to colour selection for narrow boats or any boats for that matter. Teamed with some neutrals inspired by the natural landscapes and you are on to a winning design. Have a think about blue/greens which are right on trend this year and you can’t get closer to the water than a cool aqua blue. It might have been some time since you last gave your precious boat a makeover so a modern and more functional update will be a good investment.

Wood panelling compliments the interior of a boat and can be made to go from mid wall height and to the ceiling. This could be a big job and require some professional advice or pair of hands, but the end look will be worth it and it will give a classic look that is always in trend. The presence of wood will also make the décor more warm and cosy for breezy days or cooler nights. Team with narrow slat width wooden Venetian blinds for a cohesive look.

Before you go ahead with any major changes or developments you must familiarise yourself with safety regulations on electrical supplies, the engine and ventilation. If you are in any doubts then seek approval first by contacting a boat safety surveyor and examiner.

Starting with the kitchen, you can give it a little more character and definition by using mosaic surfaces in a selection of cool blues. A cheaper alternative to new tops would be to use mosaic tile sheets that are easy to clean too. For an even more modern look you can use chrome features in the kitchen to add contrast to all the wood panels and furniture – try a stainless steel sink or wall shelving.

Make sure you have plenty of privacy by installing Swish curtain track and ready made blackout curtains – it is enough with the sun, but on the water it can bounce in a lot more enthusiastically!

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