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Summer Holidays – Back To Nature – Log Cabins

If you have a log cabin to retreat to for the summer holidays then you will like the decorating tips we have in store for you. Your influences will come from your surroundings – forests and woodlands, lakes and babbling brooks, craggy mountains, gently rolling hills and the abundance of wildlife. This is country living in its finest form and always seems to work best in the traditional sense – no need for overly flashy décor in log cabins, not to say you can’t give it a contemporary twist.

Setting the right mood for a log cabin should be on the top of your agenda – your efforts to get there should be compromised by an instant welcoming and relaxing space. Peaceful, tranquil and charming will be words to describe your newly designed holiday cabin.

Your log cabin will blend in to its setting just enough so that you feel at one with nature but not too much that you lose a sense of your own style – never cross out your own ideas if it will set the right mood that you are after.

Perhaps one of the key elements to decorating the interior of a log cabin, is to use natural materials such as wood and stone. Wooden floorboards or stone tiles with a natural finish will work well throughout the building and wooden furniture will also give a traditional look. How you use wood within the cabin will reflect your own personal tastes – some woods will be more traditional whilst others will have a modern quality such as wood veneer and clean cut shapes. The more traditional the more ‘unfinished’ the look, the more modern you go the more ‘polished’ the look.

Unlike back home, you won’t be using the furniture as much so it would seem worthless to buy new items every year – make easy changes by giving existing furnitures a new upholstery and changing the colour scheme. If you have curtain poles, you can easily change window treatments and put up some fresh curtains in the season’s latest colour trends.

You could even go as far as bringing a set of ready made curtains from home if you want a real ‘home from home’ feeling! Or opt for wooden Venetian blinds which blend with all colour schemes. On the subject of colours, warm tones work the best with natural woods and the atmosphere of a cosy and inviting log cabin – choose terracotta, yellow or warm reds.

Fabrics used throughout the log cabin should offer some interest with nature themed patterns such as leaf designs, floral patterns or animal prints. You can accessorise with with fresh or dried flowers, candles, woven baskets or plant pots, fresh herbs such as lavender in the kitchen, patchwork blankets and virtually anything crafted out of wood!

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